Purchasing Information - The Pete Snidal Royal Enfield Bullet Owners and Workshop Manual

What You Get

Covers all Bullet models - 4 and 5 speed, Standard, Classic, and the AVL's: Thunderbird, Machismo, Electra/X, etc. In infinite detail, and still updated regularly as new information comes to light..

Added Bonus! - includes full scans of an original 1956-62 Redditch (England) instruction book - Included mainly for nostalgia purposes - and to demonstrate how little the Regular Indian models differ from the original Redditch models. This is obvioiusly not my work, but is offered up primarily as tribute to the original creators of this lovely old bike. (All I did was the scans and the value-added html page and index linking.)

The Parts Section also includes scans of the original Redditch Parts Book.

The Redditch Manual

Brand-New Wrinkle: Internet Delivery!

Moving Boldly into the 21st Century, (only 19 years later!), we have decided to eschew the mail system entirely, and send our much-appreciated customers their RE manuals directly via the internet. Your manual will now arrive as a .zip file, once you've sent payment and received your link in your email. Simply right-click on the link, save your zipfile to a folder of your choice on your personal computer, open the zipfile (another right-click, this time selecting "Open," and all the files necessary for you to read your manual will magically appear therein. Start by opening 00index.htm, and Bob's your uncle!

And the best part is the price reduction! The simplification has resulted in a price reduction down to a flat $US 20.00! What's not to like? (grin)

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Canada V0H 1H5
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Printed Version Available

The Hard Copy Manual
- For years, we also offered a hard copy version of the manual. No longer printed in North America, it is still being produced by Royalenfield Publishing in the UK. Although the postage is a bit steeper than it was when shipped within North America, you can still order one from REP.Click here for more info

Questions? emailme - snidey at protonmail dot net

Thank you for your interest,
Peter K. Snidal,
B. Ind. Education

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