Proper Care And Feeding Of The Meriden Twin

- by Pete Snidal (C)2004

Why This CD?

You may be asking, "Why another Triumph Manual?" After all, the factory-supplied manuals for the Meriden Triumphs could scarcely be improved upon - for the mechanically savvy and manual-hip, there are few better. But they _are_ pretty intense for the casual reader.

As it happens, I wrote a manual a few years ago for the Royal Enfield Bullet line of machines, and it was very well received the world over. A difference being that there just wasn't a very good manual already available.

The format, however, is completely different from that of most service manuals. First, it's on CD, completely cross-referenced (linked) and consequently quite a bit easier to browse around in than a printed manual - although we may succumb to demand and come out with a printed version in future.

This Triumph CD is an adaptation of my Enfield format, but for Triumphs, my second (well, maybe first) great love in the Brit bike field. Since the commonly-available Triumph Factory Manuals, and many parts book replicas are so good, I'm not attempting to duplicate either of them, but rather to present a user's guide, as an adjunct to the factory workshop manual, which I heartily recommend to anyone lucky enough to have found a Meriden Triumph to collect. This present offering is also much more general coverage than the correct Tri manual for your bike - you should be careful to buy the manual and parts book for your specific make, year, and model. But this CD intends to give you a general idea of how it works for whichever Meriden twin has found its way into your garage/shop/carport/life.

Thus you won't find the "down and dirty" parts of the factory manual covered in this lightweight overview. This one is written with the new owner in mind, and is intended only to get you familiar with general operation and maintenance. Splitting cases we're not! Maintenance and adjustments, and understanding why - those are the objectives here.

I'm adapting parts of the the Enfield Manual to the Triumph application, hopefully as seamlessly as possible, but if you notice a typo or two that looks kind of strange, that's probably the reason.

I hope this little CD (and possibly book) helps...

Keep On Trumpin'

Pete Snidal

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