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The Pete Snidal Motorcycle Manuals

3. The Sushi Plate - Unit Construction Royal Enfield Bullets

Loosely patterned after the original Snidal manual for the original Enfield Bullet, this is a totally-new compilation. It is also a manual on CD, but this time covering the latest Unit Construction Bullets, with their Electronic Engine Management System and many other changes. Neither - the new machine nor the new manual - should be confused in any way with the original. - Although the "look" and "feel" have been retained in both cases!
Not This

It's An Owner's and Maintenance Manual - But not a Shop Manual

Written with a vast range of owners in mind, from the brand new motorcyclist to the weekend tuner/mechanic. Let me quote:

Not A Total Shop Manual

The Pete Snidal UCE Manual is patterned after the ever-popular original in many ways, and goes into enough detail for the vast majority of owners. It is not, however, intended to replace the factory shop manual, which goes "that last mile" into all the shop service esoterics. Instead, it lays more emphasis on the basics, and in providing an understanding of how the machine works for the average rider/owner.

It begins with starting drill and the basics of learning to ride, from starting, engaging first gear and moving off, halting, panic stops, and changing gears. From there, it covers troubleshooting, (including push-starting) It continues to the basic mechanical level of such things as understanding the Electronic Engine Management System, and such basic maintenance items as chassis, wheels, brake servicing, top end engine work, and clutch and electrical system - including a full-colour schematic!

The all-important subject of safety, particularly that specific to motorcycling, is also dealt with in some detail.

The Index page says it all. For a look, Click Here.

The author has done his best to cover all the possible motorcycle maintenance and tuning questions , with particular attention paid to the specifics of the Enfield Bullet. He looks back to over 50 years of motorcycle riding and wrenching experience, and, as well, draws on specific Enfield knowledge shared by personal correspondence and forum membership with similarly experienced Enfield owners, riders, and mechanics all over the world through the internet.

You'll find this manual pays for itself every time from the first time you use it - since the purchase price is a fraction of that of the minimum hour of shoptime in most places!

Fully Illustrated

Contains drawings, photos, and diagrams from various sources, although all the text is completely original, Procedures are listed step by step. Just as with the original manual, doing some reading of this manual will help you become one with your UCE Bullet! - to attain "Bulletsatvana."

The Attainment of "Bulletsatvana!"

This is a divine state of grace in which you become totally comfortable with your Enfield Bullet in all conditions, and at all times.

Understand Your Mechanic

Although _everyone_ doesn't have to be a mechanic, just because they ride a classy "old" motorcycle (there's no disgrace in taking your ride into a shop to have things done; I always wished I could afford it myself!) But even if you live close to a good shop, and can afford to have your machine worked on, it's still nice to know what's going on in there - whether "there" is the dark reaches of the rear regions of benchland, or inside your engine on a dark lonely road.

This manual is for these lucky folk as well! - and, even if you _don't_ intend to do a lot (or any) of your own work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are dissatisfied in any way with your CD-ROM manual, a refund will be despatched on receipt of return. (This offer has yet to be taken for the original manual, from inception in 2002 to the present. - Nov., 2018)

What It's NOT!

This is NOT a collection of scans of other manuals - such as the Indian Factory Manual. All text is completely original, written by Pete Snidal in 2009/10.

The Package

Covers ALL Unit Construction Engine Models - C5, Electra G5, GT 535 Continental, etc

Continental 535


- Continental

Electra G5

- -


  • Pages are intensively cross-linked - no leafing through pages looking for things as with a hard-copy book.

  • Need Hard Copy? Any page or pages may easily be printed - get 'em as greasy as you want! They magically become shop cleanup towels when you're through! (Plenty more where they came from!)
  • New! Now Available As A Direct Web Download - And At A Discount, Too!

    New 21st Century option: It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors that, (especially seeing as how we're out of disk labels anyway,) it's a simpler process just to email the content directly from my computer to yours, for direct download. This reduces our expenses, and we pass the savings on to you - and with an over-30% discount! You get the same content when the smoke clears, but at considerably reduced price. And no waiting for the postman!

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